Over his 20 years of impact in our Property Market, Kieran has single handily created wealth for thousands of people with his unique strategies and in-depth knowledge of the Property Cycle. Now he is prepared to give this successful wealth advice to you!


He predicted the Property Boom in the early 2000s before it happened!

He predicted the Housing Bubble in 2008 before it happened!

He predicted the Auckland Property Market Recovery of 2013 an unbelievable, but true, FIVE years before it occurred and this information was not public knowledge and was only shared with this workshop attendees in 2008!


Penguin, 2009


A limited reprint of one of a rare book, essential to building and maintaining your property portfolio.

If you think you have no room to improve your property investing results, that is a flawed view. I’ve proven it many times and now I’m in the process of proving it again. Not because I need to prove anything to anyone but because I enjoy the journey, the challenge to turn any problem into a solution. I’ve even created my own situations others may see as problems and then like Houdini I have emerged, from the box that others labelled as a problem, free from the shackles of circumstance.

I see opportunities where others see problems, and you can too.

An Insiders Guide to Real Estate Hot Spots

Penguin, 2007

Grow Rich with the Property Cycle

Penguin, 2005

Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle

Penguin, 2011


“Kieran helped me to understand the fundamentals of such things as the herd mentality and the property cycle, and this allowed me to take my investing business to the next level.  On the back of what I learnt, I was happy to invest in 3 more residential properties , that are all great investments because I got the fundamentals right”

Kristin Sutherland

The New Workshop – Grow Rich With The Property Cycle

What is the Property Cycle?

If you do not know the answer to this question then you undoubtedly need to be in the front row on October 29th.

Kieran is New Zealand’s leading Property Cycle Analyst and on Sunday the 29th of October he will show you why he has helped thousands become successful in Property Investment.

DO NOT Buy another property without first learning what Kieran has to offer.

First property bought aged 25, first investment property bought aged 32, resulting in a multi million dollar portfolio in central Auckland by age 46.

By comparing property price trends with potential demographic, economic, financial and emotional drivers Kieran discovered what was genuinely driving the Property Cycle and that this cycle was in fact relatively predictable.