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Insights into the cyclical nature of the property market gave a clear view…

  • in 2000 of the property boom which commenced in 2001-02 (1-2 years advance notice)
  • in 2007 of the looming housing bubble in 2008 (1 years advance notice)
  • in 2008 of the property market recovery in 2012-13 (5 years advance notice)
  • in 2018 of when the next property market recovery will arrive (with several years advance notice)


Now you too can become an “armchair property cycle expert” with Kieran’s unique perspective in the “Housing Bubble” book. Included is explanations of what the Property Cycle is, how it progresses through its phases of Recovery, Boom and Slump and how you can use this knowledge to your significant advantage.


Penguin, 2009


A limited reprint of this rare book, essential to building and maintaining your property portfolio.

Understanding the nuances of the Property Cycle we can see opportunities where others see problems, and here’s how you can too.



“Kieran helped me to understand the fundamentals of such things as the herd mentality and the property cycle, and this allowed me to take my investing business to the next level.  On the back of what I learnt, I was happy to invest in 3 more residential properties , that are all great investments because I got the fundamentals right”

Kristin Sutherland

First property bought aged 25, first investment property bought aged 32, resulting in a multi million dollar portfolio in central Auckland by age 46.

By comparing property price trends with potential demographic, economic, financial and emotional drivers

Kieran discovered  what was genuinely driving the Property Cycle and that the cycle is relatively predictable.

Here’s how you can too!

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Whittaker Hamilton