Here’s How You Can Cash In On The Auckland Property  Slump! 


Kieran offers a highly personalised Mentoring service to ensure top quality service and results are achieved.

Average Equity creation achieved for clients in 2018 for good quality Auckland Central suburb property purchases (i.e. Mt Eden, Epsom, Herne Bay, Orakei) has typically been over 10% of the properties purchase price (value increase upon purchase and adding value of around $100,000 per property).

Typically these properties also generate adequate cash flow to pay most of the expenses of owning the property assuming 100% of the purchase price is borrowed (i.e. neutral cash flow) using other property as supporting security.

Kieran’s Value Based Mentoring proposition is simple and effective:

  • Kieran will personally be your Mentor focused on materialising your agreed outcome from his input.
  • RISK FREE money back guaranteed that you will achieve your desired outcome and you will make at least 5 times your investment in his personal mentoring service. If not you will receive a refund up to an amount to ensure you have made 5 times your investment in Kieran’s support.
  • Strictly limited intake of a small number of select clients at any one time, to ensure a top quality and personalised focus on your needs.
  • Focused solely on achieving your immediate needs instead of limiting his input by attempting to serve many clients.
  • You get a personalised, tailored solution based on your needs, there’s no one size fits all strategy here.
  • There’s no clock running or timeframe for his input to materialise the result, although of course, he has a vested interest in helping you achieve sound and timely results.
  • You get introduced to exclusive property opportunities hand selected for you personally by Kieran based on your specific needs, these opportunities are not presented to other clients at the same time or to a database that you have to compete with to buy the property.
  • There’s no limit to Kieran’s support for you to achieve the agreed outcome. He helps in every way that is needed to achieve your defined property goals, whether that be sourcing and researching suitable properties, bidding at auction on your behalf, meeting with you personally on a regular basis you are assured that Kieran is here for you.
  • Kieran will improve your property market and property cycle knowledge with exclusive insights garnered over his long history in the property industry.
  • Kieran will support you to maintain the correct mindset needed to achieve your desired outcome.
Contact Kieran about joining his Exclusive Mentoring service (Subject to availability)

Joining Kieran’s mentoring programme was like jumping into a Jet plane. It has taken my investment journey to the next level with insightful market analysis, solid and clear goal setting, in-depth property deal analysis and tailor-made coaching content. Throughout the course, my best interests were the top priority. Kieran’s passion and commitment to his students, is hard to find anywhere else. Locations I could only dream of investing in previously, are now within my reach. I highly recommend Kieran’s programme to anyone who is serious about their property investing journey. (Flora Lau)