Kieran is the leading New Zealand Property Cycle observer and analyst with over 20 years hands on experience investing in the Auckland property market and helping people to profit from the property market. Called “the numbers man” for his penchant to run the numbers on a property deal anywhere, any time, whether that’s been on the back of a serviette in a cafe or to sign up a property deal on the bonnet of a car outside an open home. Also been called “that property guy” by Sir Bill English whilst others call him “Mr Property Cycle”.

For more than 20 years Kieran’s been closely observing the cyclical nature of the Auckland property market, as a residential property investor, property cycle analyst and property investment mentor.

Kieran helped me as a property investor to improve cashflow across my portfolio 11 years ago. This has paid off significantly and has also given me more security.” Alaine T

It’s in my nature to help others, that’s just what I do.

Kieran helped me as a property investor to improve cashflow across my portfolio 11 years ago. This has paid off significantly and has also given me more security.” Alaine T

To make decisions with your eyes wide open confident in the knowledge of understanding the impacts of the property cycle and market give you the insiders edge when making property decisions.

Kieran’s role is to help you take your property investing to a different level, to break through the glass ceiling that’s in the way of achieving what you are truly capable of. “Show me, don’t tell me”. Not only does he share with you what to do, he shows you too.

We always have room to improve our property investing results by overcoming the things we are ignorant of, this has been proven many times over, irrespective of circumstances.

See opportunities where others see problems, and the benefits flow to you.

An accomplished author of several books on the specialised topic of the property cycle, with well over 10,000 copies sold, hosting seminars and workshops since 1996 for many thousands of property investors shedding light on how to use the property cycle to your advantage.

Kieran’s role also encompasses helping investors unveil the mindset and fortitude needed to underpin smart property decisions.


The vision being materialised is adding significant value to your property decisions, to improve your knowledge base, motivation and help you with results to achieve your property goals. Been doing this successfully for decades.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or not, you know that, the better informed you are the better equipped you are to succeed and having a mentor by your side to learn from and to help you materialise your goals makes the journey much more fruitful than just buying another property.



A charitable nature combined with the need for a purpose greater than self and the understanding of how important it is to balance business efforts with charitable efforts empowered Kieran to invest 3 years improving English education facilities and teaching methods for over 1,000 Indian children at two relatively remote schools in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India.

It’s in all of our interests and it’s the humane thing to do, to invest part of our lives to help others less fortunate than ourselves. Do unto others.


Apart from helping thousands of property investors Kieran has personally invested millions of dollars in Auckland property and made more than a small fortune, then walked away from it all, leaving it all behind to pursue a lifestyle of charity in India for 3 years. Now he has returned to New Zealand equipped with a lot of new lessons and a broader view than before.

Back with a new expanded view of the age old theme of the cyclical nature of life and the property market. Richer for the life lessons collected along the journey, now you can benefit from those lessons.

Like riding a bike you cannot undo the experience of maximising your resources to successfully grow a property portfolio that creates wealth.

It was the realisation through the knowledge and understanding that we are not limited by circumstances but by our mindset that achieved the breakthrough of limiting beliefs to first invest in property.

Informed and responsible property investment decisions can create the financial foundation that leads to making a healthy profit which in turn can empower you to leave your “day job” and invest in more property and/or business.

This is how you can take control of your future, achieve your financial goals and materialise your lifestyle dreams.


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