The Housing Bubble

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Understanding the nuances of the Property Cycle we can see opportunities where others see problems, and you can too.

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Float to the top. Don’t get caught in the froth!

Go with the cyclical flow & reap the rewards when the tide rises!

Confused by media headlines about the housing market?

Unsure about the impacts on the real estate cycle of legislative amendments or interest rate changes?

Do you know what real estate investment strategies to use throughout the real estate cycle?

Is now a good time to buy or sell and why?

What drives the real estate cycle & what are simply market influencer’s that cloud general perception of the cycles progress?

MUST read book if you are serious about making money from real estate & gaining a ‘knowledge advantage’ by understanding the real estate cycle.

In-depth research outlines the basket of “Key Drivers” that indicate the cycles progress & can be used to ascertain the precise timing of the cycles progression through the 3 phases of Boom, Slump & Recovery.

Stay in front of the herd!

This quality research invludes historic data for real estate cycles in USA, Australia, NZ and UK and “pulls back the curtain” on what REALLY drives the real estate housing markets. Unique analysis content.

LIMITED NEW COPY (2009 Re-released small print run of just 250 copies)
A rare hard to find gem. You won’t find this quality research in any bargain bin bookstore!